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Trauma and Healing

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Contacting a therapist is a courageous first step to managing and overcoming barriers in life.  


I use a gentle approach to create a safe environment where people have the opportunity to explore, heal and grow.   I recognize the mind-body connection in treating trauma, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and helping to better manage stress.

Maybe you are wondering what trauma is, and if you have experienced it.  Trauma occurs when we experience something that threatens our physical or emotional well being.  This can vary greatly from something as little as a fall to being tortured.  Even the stress of day to day survival can be traumatic for many people. There are several categories of trauma such as: impact trauma, emotional trauma, physical trauma, sexual trauma, natural disaster, being overpowered by someone, witnessing something horrific, neglect as a child, car accidents, war, ritual abuse and torture.

All of us experience some form of trauma within our lifetime, but don't always become traumatized.  Each of us have a degree of resiliency which allows us to bounce back when we experience something threatening.  Sometimes people become traumatized, and unable to resolve the trauma within their nervous systems, resulting in different symptoms such as anxiety, phobias, depression, unchecked anger, flashbacks, avoidance, addiction, over working, over eating, and feeling disconnected from others. Usually, people become traumatized when they experience trauma over a long period of time, have multiple traumas,  experience the trauma as a child, and/or have little emotional support.  Trauma can be emotional or physical, and can occur at any point in your life.   Recent studies even show, we can have genetic markers signifying trauma experienced by previous generations.

The good news is, we are made to heal.  I can help you to renegotiate the trauma within your nervous system.  Call me to see how I can help.

I will work with you to:

  • Process and resolve past and/or current trauma 

  • Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

  • Reduce and or Resolve Relationship Problems

  • Manage and/or Reduce Stress

  • Work Related Problems

  • Find Meaning or a Sense of Purpose

  • Overcome Depression

  • Manage and Reduce Anxiety

  • Process Grief and Loss

  • Work through Divorce/Separation




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