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Counseling, Consulting and Therapy 

Not comfortable or able to meet in person?.  Or maybe you live too far away, or don't want to get caught in traffic. I am available to provide telephone and online sessions. It's convenient, easy and it works!


Not sure if it's for you? Try a free 10 min. video consult to check it out. Ease  your mind and calm your nervous system with me.

It doesn't have to be lonely on the right side of the bell curve.

What do high achieving, intelligent and gifted adults and gifted children have in common?  They’re often misunderstood, don’t get the emotional support they need, have underlying feelings of not being good enough and may struggle with anxiety, depression and loneliness


Would you ever deny your child a class that prepares them for the future, like an SAT prep class?  Would you deny yourself something you need?  Of course not, you would never deny your child (or yourself) the opportunity to truly reach their full potential.  Imagine a life where your gifted child can relate to other people, enjoy school, expand their gifts and feel happy.  Imagine a life where you are part of a happy couple, feel relaxed, and can sleep at night.  What would this mean to you?

Therapy offers gifted children and driven adults the opportunity to get their emotional needs met, learn how to have great relationships and feel good about themselves.

I can help you, your partner and/or your gifted child:

  • Better manage and reduce stress

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Stop racing thoughts and manage overthinking

  • Improve relationships

  • Connect with others

  • Build communication skills

  • Resolve past trauma

  • Work through life transitions

  • Find greater meaning and satisfaction in life

Additionally, I'm aware of how kids with learning differences, including gifted children can be misunderstood, misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed, and can "fall through the cracks".  I also provide services to parents that include:

  • Coaching and family therapy to help parents better understand the unique needs of gifted children and teens at home, socially and school

  • Help kids to improve self esteem

IUsing a strength based approach I can help you to feel more comfortable in your relationships, at school and home,  I offer  15 years of experience working with adults, teens and children with expertise in trauma informed care, neurodiverse minds and LGBTQ+.

Contact me today to see how we can work together. 

Here's your opportunity to enjoy the life you have!

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