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Understanding for Driven or Gifted Adults



It doesn't have to be lonely on the right side of the bell curve.

Sure, being driven and/or gifted has its challenges.  Challenges not everyone understands, but I do.

Maybe you’ve worked hard to get where you are, only to be left feeling depleted, exhausted, and disconnected.  Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it at all.  Maybe you work so much you have missed out on the opportunity to share your life with someone else, or your career is destroying the relationships you have.  Do you feel your job takes all you have leaving you feeling like an empty shell when you come home? Maybe you secretly wonder if you really are good enough, or are waiting for that moment when you're going to lose it all.

Maybe that's not you at all.  Perhaps you're that person who has always been a little different.  You're highly capable, intelligent, learn quickly, and are very sensitive.  Perhaps you constantly feel bored or unsatisfied with work options and relationships.

You could also be that person who was always told they were "smart", but haven't quite found their path in adult life.

Perhaps you’re thinking of making some changes, but don’t know which way to turn next, or think "Therapy isn't for me.  I don't need help."  

I understand the kind of pressure highly capable people are under.  Having an experienced, confidential, support person in your life can make all the difference.  We can work together to create balance in your life, manage your stress, work through an existential crisis and reduce anxiety so you can start enjoying your life!  

Working with me can provide relief, support and be the difference between thriving and surviving in all areas of your life.

Yes, there is more to life.  Let me join you on your journey to find what you are looking for.


Contact me to get started!

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