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About Me

​ Experience with Gifted and Driven Adults

  • Working with a therapist provides a great opportunity to make a connection with someone who can help you reduce anxiety, resolve depression, reconnect with your partner and find a greater sense of meaning in your life.  Gifted and high achieving adults are usually masters at doing things themselves, and finding the best resources when they can't.  My experience of being a gifted and driven person, as well as having a 20 year professional history of working with gifted and high achieving adults in both therapeutic and non-therapeutic settings, gives me a comfort level and unique understanding needed to work with you and your family.   

    Whether you need a coach to help you get to the next level, a confidant to help you sort through your emotional baggage, someone to teach you communication skills, or ways to better regulate your nervous system to feel more relaxed I can help.  In private practice, I work with individuals and couples to resolve a variety of issues.  If your problems are more serious, I have the appropriate clinical skills to help you too.  Prior to working in private practice I  worked in a clinical setting with adults in crisis, struggling with addiction,
    complex trauma histories and severe mental health issues.  Even if you are not in crisis, this experience is valuable.  Even high achievers struggle with their past, use alcohol or drugs to  cope with stress, and have anxiety, depression and other mental health issues they are coping with every day.

    What would it be like to feel relaxed, connected to your partner, and engaged in a life that is meaningful?  What is it worth to you?

    Let me put my experience to work for you! Call me to see how we can work together!

​Experience with Gifted Children and Teens

  • Like gifted adults, gifted children have unique needs that are often overlooked because people assume they will “be fine” because “they’re smart”.   I have worked in schools K-12, within a public school district treating high needs and at risk, children, teens and their families.  I also provided therapy to special needs and gifted kids within the public school system in connection with their Individualized Education Plans (IEP)s.  My interest and experience working with gifted children is also very personal.  I am the mother of a highly gifted child.  I have personally navigated both the public and private school systems, learned about the special needs of gifted children and understand the many demands a parent of a gifted child faces.   
    Let me support your efforts to give your gifted child the best life possible!

    What would it be like to see your child happy, connecting with others, and reaching their full potential?  Can you imagine partnering with someone who understands what it's like to be the parent of a gifted child? 

    Call me to see how I can help! 

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