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Children, Teens and Young Adults

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Therapy helps people of all ages to stay grounded while they encounter stresses of modern day life, and gives them skills to use as they grow.

Children sometimes struggle with learning social skills, making friends, impulse control and expressing themselves appropriately.  

As they transition into teenagers, they may continue to have these (and other) challenges combined with hormonal changes, increased peer pressure, responsibility, and pressure to make choices which will potentially impact the rest of their lives.  Many teens struggle with depression and anxiety. 


Moving into young adulthood, many of these pressures continue to grow as they enter and exit college, plan their careers, and look for work.  At the center of all of these stages of development are the relationships they are attempting to form and maintain.


My work with young people focuses on:


  • Gifted

  • Twice Exceptional

  • High Achieving

  • Learning Differences

    Provide help with

  • Increasing self care skills

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Relieving Anxiety

  • Increasing Distress Tolerance

  • Eliminating Self-Injurious Behaviors

  • Building Strength Despite Peer Pressure

  • Developing Confidence

  • Goal Formulation

  • Problem Solving

  • Improving Relationships with others

  • Cultivating Friendships

  • Understanding Personal Changes

  • Discovering Where They Fit In

  • Processing the Divorce or Loss of Parents

  • Trauma Healing

  • LGBTQ+

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