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  • Christy George, MFT

Do I Need Therapy?

I often hear people say they don’t need therapy, and opt to suffer alone through difficult situations or seek the support of a life coach or someone else who holds a title that is less threatening than a therapist. Seeking the counseling of a professional can be scary for many people for a variety of reasons.

People may be afraid they will be diagnosed with something, be asked questions they are uncomfortable with, be judged or maybe have had a bad experience in the past. Fear and misinformation also leads people to believe only people with “serious problems” get therapy. Of course this isn’t true. And accepting help from an unqualified or under qualified person can be problematic. A person who has not been appropriately trained may not fully understand how to help you or recognize problems when they arise. Additionally, they may not be held to the high ethical and legal standards of a licensed professional, which leaves you at risk.

So, when is it appropriate to see a therapist? Individuals, couples and families come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they are going through a difficult time such as a divorce, a death or an illness and need support. Maybe there are ongoing feelings of anxiety, hopelessness or worthlessness interfering with life satisfaction. People often have overwhelming stress in their lives and want help to manage it, while others are seeking insight and personal growth. Some people come because they are having problems with their relationships and need help connecting with others, resolving conflict and feeling closer. Kids come to therapy too, for many of the same reasons.

While entering therapy is an extremely personal decision, and varies from person to person I can offer you some guidelines if you aren’t sue if it’s for you. If you are having ongoing feelings of low motivation, fatigue, hopelessness, anxiety or difficulty connecting with others it would be a good idea to see a therapist who is trained to help you in the area you are struggling. Also if your feelings, behavior, thoughts of the past or substance use is interfering with your life, talking to someone who knows how to help you is important.

If you aren’t sure if therapy is right for you call me, and I can help you to figure it out. I like many other therapists offer a free telephone consultation to make sure you get the help you are looking for. Whether you are dealing with a difficult situation, or have ongoing problems, having extra support can make all the difference.

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