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  • Christy George, LMFT

Unlocking the Potential: Making the Most of Summer with Your Gifted Child, Teen, and Young Adult

Multi ethnic gifted children in summer
Kids In Summer

As a therapist specializing in gifted individuals of all ages, I understand the importance of nurturing their unique abilities and providing tailored opportunities for growth and connection. Summer break is a prime time for parents to unlock the potential of their gifted children, teens, and young adults. You can explore a range of activities and strategies designed to make the most of summer, emphasizing strengths, fostering peer connections, and maximizing happiness across different age groups. Here are some great ideas to help:

  1. Embrace Individual Interests and Passions: Encourage your gifted child, teen, or young adult to delve deeper into their passions during the summer. Support them in pursuing activities aligned with their interests, such as science experiments, creative writing, music, or computer programming. By providing resources and time for exploration, you can fuel their enthusiasm and facilitate skill development.

  2. Enrichment Programs and Workshops: Consider enrolling your gifted child, teen, or young adult in summer enrichment programs and workshops. Look for specialized camps, courses, or online platforms that cater to their advanced abilities and intellectual curiosity. These programs not only challenge their minds but also provide valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and mentors who share their interests.

  3. Internships and Experiential Learning: For gifted young adults and older teens, internships can be a transformative experience. Encourage them to explore summer internship opportunities aligned with their career interests. Internships offer real-world exposure, skill development, and the chance to build professional networks. Research local businesses, research institutions, or community organizations that offer internships relevant to their field of interest.

  4. Connect with Peers and Mentors: Gifted individuals thrive when they have connections with peers who understand their unique experiences. Encourage your child, teen, or young adult to seek out local or online communities, clubs, or organizations specifically designed for gifted individuals. These platforms provide a supportive environment for stimulating discussions, collaborative projects, and lasting friendships.

  5. Volunteer and Give Back: Gifted individuals often have a strong sense of social justice and a desire to make a positive impact. Encourage your child, teen, or young adult to engage in volunteer work during the summer. Look for opportunities that align with their interests and values, such as environmental initiatives, community service projects, or supporting causes they feel passionate about.

  6. Outdoor Exploration and Skill-Building: Balance intellectual pursuits with outdoor activities that promote well-rounded development and enhance creativity. Encourage your gifted child, teen, or young adult to explore nature, engage in physical activities, or participate in summer camps that emphasize outdoor adventure. These experiences provide a refreshing change of pace and foster personal growth.

  7. Unstructured Play, Downtime, and Family Bonding For Younger Family Members: Remember to prioritize unstructured play and downtime for your gifted child. Allow them to recharge their batteries through open-ended activities, imaginative play, and relaxation. Additionally, create opportunities for family bonding, where you can engage in conversations that encourage critical thinking, reflection, and support their personal growth.

  8. Outdoor Adventures and Skill-Building for Older Teens and Young Adults: While intellectual pursuits are important, it's crucial to encourage gifted teens and young adults to engage in outdoor activities and pursue skill-building beyond their academic interests. Encourage participation in sports, outdoor adventure camps, or creative endeavors like photography, painting, or music. These activities promote personal growth, well-being, and a healthy work-life balance.

  9. Family Bonding and Reflection for Gifted Teens and Young Adults: Summer also offers a chance for family bonding and reflection for older kids too. Create opportunities for open and meaningful conversations with your gifted teen or young adult. Discuss their aspirations, goals, and challenges they may face. Encourage them to reflect on their personal growth, accomplishments, and areas they wish to explore further. These conversations foster self-awareness, strengthen family ties, and provide valuable support and guidance.

By tailoring summer activities to the strengths, interests, and developmental needs of gifted people of all ages, parents can unlock their full potential and foster happiness and growth. Embrace individual interests, explore enrichment programs, internships, and mentorship opportunities. Encourage peer connections, engage in outdoor exploration, and prioritize unstructured play and family bonding. By embracing these strategies, you are providing a transformative summer experience for your gifted child, teen, or young adult, setting them on a path to thrive in all aspects of life.

Butterfly resting on a stone
Zen Butterfly

About the Author:

Christy, is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, practicing in San Diego, California. She nearly 15 years of experience working with children, teens, parents, families, couples and individual adults with complex psychological and relationship problems. She specializes in the needs of gifted, bright and high achieving people, as well as those who have suffered past trauma. Christy uses an eclectic approach, meeting the needs of whomever she is working with. Her work addresses the needs of the whole person, incorporating mind and body.


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